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When doing a rewire we will be re-wiring all of your knob & tube circuits throughout your home. Each service will be inspected by ESA (Electrical Safety Authority). This will be achieved with as minimal amount of plaster/drywall damage as possible.

Here is what you can expect from a rewire:

  • Bedroom receptacles shall be protected with an Arc Fault circuit Breaker.
  • Twelve devices is the maximum per circuit.
  • Locations of receptacles would be: from the doorway within 6ft, and every 12ft thereafter.
  • Bedroom lights are included and are controlled by a switch.
  • Hallway shall have a receptacle.
  • Bathroom receptacles shall have GFGI protection.
  • Kitchen area: Refrigerator shall have a dedicated circuit.
  • Counter plugs shall be 20 Amps T Slot, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacles when within 1.5 m of water.
  • Washer shall be on a dedicated circuit.
  • Dryer shall be on a dedicated circuit with 30 Amp receptacles.
  • Furnace shall be on a dedicated circuit.
  • Outdoor Receptacles shall have GFGI protection and a water proof cover.
  • Switches & Receptacles shall be “Decora” style and white in colour.
  • Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors shall be interconnected.

We will wire your home as it should be today, and using current electrical codes. Unfortunately most of our competitors will wire to existing locations (for example: your master bedroom currently with 2 receptacles… yet if you follow today’s code it would have 4 receptacles), adding 3 way switches and receptacles where needed would be an extra cost. Please keep in mind that a home wired to “existing location” would pass ESA inspection. However, if you use an extension cord (for example in your garage for the door opener) to get the power where you need it, then you would be against electrical code (extension cords are for temporary use only).

We know that the construction costs and disruption is high therefore we believe in doing it right the first time by educating our clients.