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Installing Whole Home Surge Protector is a great Idea. Every home should have one!


Downed power lines, the cycling on and off equipment at nearby factory or even the constant usage of home appliances can cause damaging surges.
If you are like most people, you probably have a few inexpensive power bars some may or may not have surge protection. Some of these can provide good protection however many are similar to connecting the plug directly into the wall outlet. Wouldn’t a surge protector that protects the entire home be a better solution? Of course it would! We would recommend not only a power bar with surge protection, but also quality surge protectors for the rest of the home.

Complete home surge protection protects the sensitive electronics and electrical wiring throughout the home. This type of surge protection is installed in your electrical panel which gives you the advantage of reducing harmful surges before they travel to your electronic devices in the home. It keeps surges from entering through your main electrical service panel. It is not just audio/video equipment and computers that can be damaged but also stoves, refrigerators, washer, dryer, microwave ovens, well pumps and other appliances can also fall into the harmful surge path.